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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I see termites?

Yes and No. Most of the time, you will not see termites because termites are “cryptic.” Termites don’t like the sunlight so they build above-ground mud tunnels in which to travel and below ground colonies in which to work and live and protect them from light and dryer atmosphere. About the only times you will see the termite is when they have “eaten too much and expose themselves” or when they “swarm.”

2How much damage can they cause in my home?

Termite cause more monetary damage in the US each year that all the hurricanes, windstorms, and tornados combined! Termites are capable of major damage to homes in our Mid-South area. Termite treatment is strongly recommended in our area due to the potential for infestation and damage.

3What kind of treatment do I need to protect my home?

Every home’s construction is different and every home must be carefully inspected first to determine the presence of termites and the type of treatment required to protect the home. A Jamison inspection is FREE!

4Do I need a contract?

Once the initial treatment is completed, the ongoing warranty is very important in case termites return. Our warranty covers needed repairs should termites do damage after the initial treatment.

5What is a “Swarm”?

During the spring, the reproductive portion of the colony will produce “swarming termites or termites that fly.” The “Swarmers” purpose is to breed new termites to create new termite colonies. This is one of the few times termites make themselves visible. Normally, when you see a swarm of termites in your home the termites already have a “foothold.”

6How much will it cost to have my home treated for termites?

Every home is different and our Jamison inspector, following a complete FREE inspection of your home, will share with you the entire treatment recommendation, the “graph” or drawing showing the location of the termites/damage and our ongoing.

7Why do I want to use Jamison?

Experience! Jamison is a name that has been known in Memphis for its termite-damage protection program and has been part of the Mid-South for more than 60 years. Click here to request a FREE ESTIMATE or call 901-452-1505 today!