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1When can I water after an application?

Please check your invoice notes for watering and mowing instructions. There will also be a complete description of the application on the invoice.

2What happens if it rains following an application?

This is one of the most common lawn FAQs. Rain is beneficial for pre-emergent and fertilizer applications and does not need to reapply. However, some applications may be affected by rain, so don’t hesitate to call and let’s visit about it!

3How long before my children and pets can walk in the yard after an application?

This lawn FAQ is one of the parents' biggest concerns. You can walk in your yard just as soon as it dries! Just give it a couple of hours.

4How soon can I cut my yard after an application?

Wait 48 hours, but don’t hesitate to call if you’re not sure.

5Is there a charge for additional service calls?

No. When you feel you are having a problem with your lawn, just give us a call. Should there be a need for us to come back, it will be at no charge to you!

6Are some weeds worse than others to get rid of?

YES...absolutely! Weeds like Nutsedge and Wild Violets are at the top of the difficulty scale. Some weeds can pose real control problems and will need special attention. Call us today as our staff is trained to deal with them!

7Why is it taking the weeds so long to die?

There may be several factors. First, the type of weed will make a difference. Some weeds are just more difficult to control and slow to die out. Second, the temperature will majorly affect how a herbicide will/can work on a weed(s). And, from time to time, we may miss one.

8Can I have green grass in my shady areas with the bare ground?

Yes. There is a solution to the bare ground areas under your trees: Fescue. We can prepare the soil and seed the Fescue for you. Fescue is a cool-season turfgrass that cannot tolerate direct sunlight but grows well in shady areas.

9Do I have to be home when an application is applied?

No. Our services will be completed during normal working hours, and upon completion, we will leave you an invoice describing our service and any notes concerning the service. We will hang the invoice on your door and include a self-addressed envelope to aid in forwarding your payment.

10Does a pre-emergent prevent all weeds?

Unfortunately, no. Pre-emergent herbicides are wonderful and work very well on crabgrass, spurge, oxalis, goosegrass, poa annua, and several others. These weeds are called annuals. Perennials must be controlled upon emergence. These are weeds like nutsedge and wild violets. There are no pre-emergent herbicides for these weeds.

11What is a post-emergent?

This is a herbicide that kills weeds after the seeds have germinated or after emergence.

12Is insect and disease control included in the Jamison Lawn care program?

No. insects and diseases are not predictable occurrences, and applications cannot be made for them on a routine basis. Herbicides and pesticides must be dispensed following the label. If we find an insect or disease present, our representative will prescribe the needed treatment protocols and bring the recommendations to you for approval.

13Is your company licensed?

Yes. Our company is licensed in several states. Also, each employee of our company is EPA certified. We are proud of our Training and Certification program at Jamison Pest and Lawn!

14Can I pre-pay for my lawn care? I would like to write just one check.

Yes. You may pay via the invoice we leave following your application or write just one check for the year. If you pre-pay for the year, you will receive a 5% discount.

15How can I get a free application?

Just refer a friend, neighbor, or family member; if they sign up, we will give you your next application FREE! That’s right, FREE! And if you refer to another, Jamison will do it again!

16Is Bermuda better than Zoysia for my yard?

Yes and no. It is what YOU think looks best. However, there are a couple of factors that should be considered. Bermuda is a very hardy, fast-growing turfgrass that generally requires less maintenance. For an absolute answer, it would be best to meet with a Jamison representative to inspect and review the yard and your goals.

17Do you provide mowing and landscaping services?

No, however, our company has numerous contacts in the field and can make recommendations for your needs.

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