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Frequently Asked Questions

1I saw a roach in my kitchen; does that mean I have a lot more?
In most cases the answer is yes. The problem with an absolute answer is there are several different types of cockroaches. If what you are seeing is a roach that you see in restaurants and stores (small brown with a dark brown strip down his back), the chances for having more in your kitchen is excellent because this roach is a prolific breeder and loves areas like kitchens and storage bins. If it happens to be another species, it will likely be coming from the outside. In either case, identification will be important to knowing how to treat them.
2We are seeing lots of ants. Can you keep them out of my home?
Yes. Please know that the identification of the type of ant is very important to control and prevention. In the Memphis area, we regularly see more than 20 different types of ants and the treatments will vary greatly from one type to another due to their habits and habitats. In fact, the wrong type of treatment procedure can actually make an ant problem worse.
3How can I tell if I have brown recluse spiders?
Sticky traps or glue boards are excellent for identifying brown recluse infestations. Brown recluse spiders are much like their name implies, “reclusive”. They are hard to find and knowing where to look and how to inspect for them is important. The treatment for these spiders involves more than a single application. Both interior treatment methods as well as exterior treatments must be initiated and should be coupled with an on going monitoring program to achieve control of this difficult spider.
4If you service my home for rats or mice, I am concerned about the safety of my children and pets.
Every rodent infestation is different and not every rodent infestation should be baited. A thorough inspection of the problem must be made to determine the best course of action. Treatment or the use of baits is not always best solution. Trapping and exclusion may be the best method to eradicate the problem. But should a bait be needed, all placements will be made with tamper proof stations and the baits are secured inside the stations to protect children and pets.
5What type of program do you recommend for my home to get rid of pests?
Our Four Seasons Program is designed to address the many different types of pest problems facing homeowners today (ants, spiders, roaches, crickets, mice, etc.). It provides for regular inspections and preventive treatments to target present and potential pest problems and to stop them on the exterior before they have the chance to enter your home. The Four Seasons Program also provides for any number of needed return visits should they become necessary.
6You treat the outside of our home. Does rain affect that treatment?
Once the applied product has dried, a durable residual remains and will not be washed away by rain.
7Why don’t you treat the interior every time?
Pest prevention is the key to our program. Stopping pests before they can get inside is a much better approach than trying to control them after they have gotten inside. During the Winter service, our technician will come inside to address the attic area, critical areas, and insect entry points. They will place insect monitors in places that will tell us if you have any pest activity.
8Why does your outside treatment control insect problems?
Our treatment will involve much more. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to seek out and address critical areas, harborages, sources, and entry points for pests. In addition, they are trained and educated in being able to utilize several different types of applications to prevent insects from getting into the home. The control of a pest problem may involve elimination of a source or exclusion, a structural correction, a liquid, granular, or dust application, or one of several additional types of control methods available to our technicians.
9If I continue to have problems, will you come back and retreat?
With the Four Seasons Pest Control Program, should additional service visits become needed they will be made at no additional charge.
10Why do I need a program for pest control? (or) Why should I hire a professional? Can’t I do it myself?
Not everyone wants a pest control program and many folks like to take care of their own pest problems in their own way. But for many, having to make the purchase decision for what to use, knowing how much to apply, where and how to apply it, knowing what must be known about the insect or rodent to be able to make an effective treatment, and having to purchase the application equipment is just not practical or desired. Also, for many, the issue of safety is present when homeowners handle pesticides and make treatments.
11Can you really and truly control Mosquitoes in my back yard? Does it really work?
YES. Our Mosquito Management Program can and does work. A successful program is based upon educating our client, eliminating the mosquito breeding areas, and making the prescribed treatment to the area on 30 day intervals to maintain control of the mosquito population. And YES, you can reclaim and enjoy your back yard.