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Rat Out Any Rodent To Jamison Pest and Lawn

Rodents can be pesky creatures. They'll find food and shelter wherever they can — often in areas that have the potential to spread disease or damage property. But you can finally say goodbye to these pests with the Jamison Pest and Lawn rodent control service. Our advanced techniques for trapping, catching, and even sealing off rodent entry points are simple and safe for you or your home.


What Do Rodents Look Like?

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that can be found worldwide, just like humans. They have large gnawing teeth and adapted teeth for eating teeth. They chew on a wide range of goods and cause extensive damage in and around buildings.


How Long Does Rodents Live?

Rats and mice survive for roughly 4-6 months in their native settings. Rats and mice can live for up to a year in the reasonably friendly environment of a home or structure.


Potential For Reproduction

Rodents can reproduce in vast numbers. For example, during her lifetime, a sexually mature female house mouse will produce between 6-10 litters of 5-6 young, and she can give birth to her first litter when she is only around two months old.


Mechanisms Of Defense

While rodents may bite or act aggressively when trapped or frightened, this is to protect themselves. Most of the time, they will flee and seek safety rather than become violent.


Sources Of Food

Rats and mice are incredibly adaptable omnivores, capable of living in almost any environment that provides water and food. While they can eat various materials, their diet generally consists of bread, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, and other readily available food sources.


Are Rodents Dangerous?

It is a common mistake to forget that rats are wild animals.

This can cause serious issues because they can be aggressive, bite and attempt to escape — causing health hazards. In addition, rats have been known to carry dangerous diseases like Leptospirosis and Hantavirus.


Infestation With Rodents

Rats and mice spread diseases and gnaw on everything they can get their teeth into.

They may not look like much, but they sure can cause a lot of damage. The only way to keep them from running riot through your home is by calling the experts at Jamison Pest and Lawn. Our crew will set up traps, seal off entry points, and inspect the whole house for infestation


Best Rodent Pest Control Service In Tennessee

If you have rodents running around your home, you need professionals to come in and deal with them. Jamison Pest and Lawn employs specially trained technicians to handle rodent infestations. Our advanced technology and certified professionals provide a solution to your home's rodent problems.

We work to eliminate rats, mice, and other pests. With us, you'll enjoy the comfort of knowing that your infestation will be taken care of promptly and efficiently, so your family can go back to living free from the threat of these pests. Call to schedule an appointment!