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Our Termite Treatment Warranty Program

A majority of homeowners are worried about the damage a termite infestation can cause. But, it's not just about killing the termites — it's about taking care of the problems they've caused and protecting your home from further exposure. That's where Jamison Pest and Lawn comes in. We offer a protection guarantee that covers you against structural damages caused by an infestation and any resulting issues like mold or water damage.

Termite Warranty Program
Termite Warranty Program

Our Termite Warranty Covers

This warranty provides for repairs needed due to ongoing damage from termites after treatment has been performed. There is no deductible on this warranty. Since each home is different, it is critical to have a thorough inspection to assess the home's construction type and the absence or presence of termites to determine the warranty options.

Termite Warranty Program

How We Do It?

We do more than offer a warranty; we provide our customers with a thorough inspection of their facility every year. Not only will we inform you of the condition of your property, but we'll also tell you which pests pose the highest risk and how to avoid them. This is just one of the many ways we value our customers.

Annual maintenance consists of:

  • Annual (early) re-inspection and written report of termite activity. Additionally, Jamison Pest and Lawn will report conditions (other than termites) conducive to termite infestation.
  • Treatments to the structure are made following the laws and regulations of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.
  • Any necessary, reasonable additional service calls as requested by the property owner for inspection or consultation regarding this service.

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Termite Warranty Program
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