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Do You Have A Termite Infestation?

Do you have a termite problem? Jamison Pest and Lawn can help. Our exterminators know how to handle everything from subterranean to Drywood Termites with the safest, most effective treatments available. Call us today, whether you want to prevent a termite problem or treat an existing infestation!

Liquid Treatment

Proven Liquid Termite Treatments Plans In Tennessee

Liquid treatments are used to prevent termite infestation and treat existing infestations. Liquid treatment provides a protective barrier against termites while preventing future attacks. When you're ready to protect your home or business, call Jamison Pest and Lawn to schedule a treatment.

Liquid Treatment

Jamison Pest and Lawn Provides The Best Plan

Jamison Pest and Lawn offers many termite control options, but we have chosen to offer it as our recommended treatment program- Termidor.

Termidor is a liquid treatment. Termidor is applied to the foundation area and critical entry areas as prescribed. The product works as a barrier killing the termite as they come in contact with it. There is an additional benefit to using Termidor.

The product is slow-acting, and when the termites come in contact with it, they pick it up and take it back to the colony on their bodies. When these termites come in contact with other termites, they pass it on, causing the elimination of a more significant number of termites.

Liquid Treatment

Best Liquid Termite Treatment Service

There's no better choice when you need the best liquid termite treatment in Tennessee than our reputable professionals.

We'll provide the most helpful information about your options, whether you're dealing with active termites or just want to prevent a termite infestation. Our termite control professionals can help you choose the best services for your needs. Jamison Pest and Lawn's approach to home termite treatment removes infestations, prevents new ones from forming, and ensures that your most significant investment is safe.