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A Step Towards Healthier Lawn In Tennessee

Lawn aeration service is important in maintaining your lawn's long-term health and viability. This process opens up pathways for air, water, and other nutrients to better reach the grassroots. Lawn aeration is essential once your lawn transitions from spring to summer or fall because that's when you need healthy grass most.

Jamison Pest and Lawn is the preferred lawn care company for lawn aeration in Tennessee. When you give us a call, we will come out and analyze your lawn for any issues that need to be addressed. Once we've assessed the situation, we will provide you with all our options based on short and long-term solutions. We're committed to your satisfaction- we will do everything to ensure your grass is healthy and thick from now on.

Lawn Aeration Service

What Are The Benefits Of Core Aeration?

Your Lawn Is In The Best Shape When It's Healthy
Lawn Aeration Service
Relieves soil compaction for healthier lawns
Lawn Aeration Service
Conserves water by reducing runoff and enhancing water retention
Lawn Aeration Service
Encourages deep rooting for grasses
Lawn Aeration Service
Stimulates new growth of saplings
Lawn Aeration Service
Increases heat and drought tolerance
Lawn Aeration Service
Increases air, water, and nutrient movement to grassroots
Lawn Aeration Service

Looking For The Best Time To Aerate A Lawn?

If you're wondering when the best time to aerate your lawn is, we've got an answer!

It's late summer and fall.

Aerating your lawn is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve its health and appearance. It's also one of the most crucial steps in preparing your yard for winter. But many factors can influence when the right time to aerate is and how much work it will take. Talk to our experts to know if your lawn needs aeration.

However, it is never a good idea to aerate your lawn when the weather is hot, dry, and windy. Such conditions can dry out the grass, causing undue stress on your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Service

Restore The Green To Your Lawn

Let Us Take Care Of It

Fall lawn aeration service helps your lawn breathe. Jamison Pest and Lawn professionals ensure that each aeration is done properly to help ensure your lawn will be healthy, with increased oxygen flow, water penetration into the soil, and enhanced soil circulation to improve the condition of your lawn. Our experts will also inform you how aeration service works and when to aerate your lawn again next year. So call us today to schedule your free consultation today!

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Lawn Aeration Service
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