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Jamison's Four Season Pest Control Program

Jamison Pest and Lawn Four Seasons Pest Control Program is your home's perfect pest prevention program. The program is designed to:

  • Stop your current pest problem
  • Prevent and eliminate pests
  • Maintain a pest-free environment for your home

Let's look at Pest Prevention vs. Pest Control to understand our program better and see if it's right for you.

Four Season Pest Control Program

Pest Prevention vs. Pest Control

There are two types of pest service: Pest Prevention and Pest Control.

Four Season Pest Control Program

Pest Prevention is the process of avoiding pests and their damage in the first place. It refers to taking steps that deter pests from coming around and entering your home in the first place without having to use pesticides and putting unnecessary chemicals in and around your home.

Four Season Pest Control Program

Pest Control is a proactive approach to eliminating pests on your property. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and qualified staff, we will inspect your property, identify the source of pest problems, and create a customized treatment plan. We take a preventative approach to pest management so that you can enjoy a safe and healthy environment — free of the threat of termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and more.

Four Season Pest Control Program

Our Four Season Pest Control Program

Four Seasons - No Pests!

Our Four Seasons Pest Control Program eliminates pest problems before they get inside your home. The program is well designed, targeting ants, roaches, rats, mice, and most general household pests. However, should a pest problem get around our "barriers" established on our scheduled visits, we will return at no charge until the problem is eliminated.

Four Season Pest Control Program

So How Does Our Program Work?

Learn How We Help You Protect Your Property Year Around

Our Four Seasons Pest Control Program provides four services per year and any additional service visits at no additional cost. Our program meets your pest needs with minimum intrusion while maintaining a pest-free environment.

The spring, summer, and fall applications will concentrate on the exterior where the pests originate. This helps prevent pests from ever entering your home and stops pest problems BEFORE they become a problem.

The winter service is the one service that we will call to schedule an inside visit. This is so we can conduct critical inspections of the attic, plumbing accesses, and insect harborage areas. Should a pest problem develop between our regularly scheduled visits, we will return to take care of them at no additional charge to you.

Please note: The program does not cover bed bugs, brown recluse spiders, flying insects, fire ants, or termites, but we will be happy to address these special pests for you should the problem arise.

Four Season Pest Control Program

Best Pest Control & Lawn Care Company

Our Unique Approach To Pest Control Makes Us #1 In Tennessee

When consumers need pest control in Tennessee, they often look for an affordable solution to keep their homes safe from pests. But not all programs are created equal. We offer a unique approach to pest control with an integrated four-season program that gives customers highly specialized yet affordable protection against various insects. Jamison Pest and Lawn is the only pest control company in the area with 77 years of experience and the most effective Four Season Pest Control Program. In addition, we use EPA-approved products to safely and effectively eliminate pests year-round, no matter the problem — ants during summer, wasps during spring, spiders in fall, etc.

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Four Season Pest Control Program
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