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10 Types of Roaches All Homeowners Should Know About

Posted on October 5, 2023

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10 Types of Roaches All Homeowners Should Know About

As a homeowner, you may be aware of certain types of pests that can wreak havoc on your home. While creatures such as termites and rodents fall in this category, cockroaches are another creature you don’t want to call your property home. 

Roaches are more than just a nuisance. For homeowners, they can be a persistent problem, especially when they invade your living space. Knowing which species you’re dealing with is the first step in understanding how you should proceed. In this article, we’ll go over 10 types of roaches, including their characteristics, habitats, and the threat they pose to your home.

#1 American Roaches

American roaches

Let’s start with one of the most common types: American roaches. These are also known as palmetto bugs, as these have been found living in palmetto trees. 

This reddish-brown creature is fairly large, as they are usually around 3-4 cm long, which is larger than most other roach species. They love exploring the dark, damp corners of your basement or sewer. American roaches aren’t usually afraid of humans, though they prefer hidden, moist spots in your home. You might even catch a glimpse of them scuttling across the floor, as their sheer size makes it hard to miss them.

What sets them apart from their smaller counterparts is their ability to fly. Yes, you heard that right. That means they are not only big but quite mobile, too. This makes it even more difficult for you to catch them. 

#2 German Roaches 

German roaches 

Meet the German roach, a tiny but resilient creature that can turn your cozy home into its playground. These light brown roaches are not your ordinary household pests, they are masters of adaptability, thriving in the warm, humid corners of your kitchen and bathroom.

One of the main reasons they are such a menace is their fast reproductive cycle. Each egg sack of a female German cockroach contains 30-35 eggs which is more than any other species around the world. Their eggs mature faster than other cockroaches too. 

German roaches are notorious for carrying diseases, and when they invade your living spaces, they can contaminate your food and utensils before you even realize they are there.

#3 Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches

Brown-Banded roaches are small, light brown roaches with distinct stripes across their bodies. The light yellowish-brown bands on their back are what they get their name from.  

Unlike the other two types of roaches we covered, which love moisture prone areas, the Brown-Banded roach is different. They prefer warmer, drier environments and commonly infest bedrooms, closets, and furniture. 

Unlike their larger counterparts, the Brown-Banded cockroach doesn’t need a lot of space to thrive, making them particularly challenging to get rid of once they invade your living space. So, if you spot these little invaders in your home, it’s time to take action before they multiply and become a bigger problem.

#4 Smoky Brown Roaches

Smoky brown roaches

The next species of roach is the Smoky Brown cockroach. These roaches are usually found in hotter, southern climates such as the states of Florida and Texas, but they are also not uncommon in Tennessee. 

Smoky Brown roaches are large and dark brown and they love living in gardens, under mulch, and in piles of leaves. But when the weather turns hot and dry, these creatures seek refuge indoors in search of food and water. They slip through unnoticed cracks and crevices, making homes their temporary shelter. These also have wings, and you may see them flying for the larger part of the day.  

To keep them out, sealing any openings is vital. By being vigilant and closing doorways and windows, you can prevent these roaches from turning your home into theirs.

#5 Oriental Roaches

Oriental roaches

Let’s talk about the next type of roach: Oriental roaches. These dark-colored insects prefer the damp and cool corners of your home. Oriental roaches are only about 32 mm in length and have black or brown colored bodies. 

Unlike other roaches, they’re not fans of warmth, instead, they seek out the cool, damp areas in your house. So basements and crawl spaces become their preferred hideouts, making them a common sight in homes facing moisture issues. They also feed on decaying matter. 

Their presence often serves as a warning sign, if you spot them, it’s an indication of excess dampness in your living space. Addressing leaks and improving ventilation can make your home less appealing to these persistent intruders. 

#6 Australian Cockroach 

Australian cockroach 

Now, let’s talk about the Australian cockroach. At first glance, these sturdy reddish-brown insects may look like the American cockroach, but they are smaller and have a yellow band around their head. These insects are mainly found in Florida but you can find them in southeastern states too, like Tennessee. 

These cockroaches prefer outdoor habitats, where they roam in gardens and flowerbeds, feeding on plants and stems. However, especially when food is scarce and weather conditions are poor, they might venture indoors in search of sustenance. Their adaptability and resilience make them challenging creatures to deal with, requiring a vigilant eye to keep them at bay.

#7 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar hissing cockroach

Madagascar Hissing roaches, although uncommon in households, stand out due to their remarkable size and distinctive buzzing sound. These large insects are native to Madagascar, and are not usually seen as pests, but are kept as exotic pets. 

Their impressive appearance, characterized by their glossy, dark exoskeletons, and the peculiar hissing noise they produce, make them intriguing to kids and adults alike. While they may not be part of your everyday encounters, their notable presence as pets showcases their unique allure. Despite their appeal, it’s essential to recognize that they  demand a specialized environment and care. 

#8 Florida Woods Roach

Florida woods roach

The Florida Woods cockroach is a distinctive and hardy cockroach species found primarily in wooded areas of Florida and nearby regions. Just like wood termites, these creatures also love wood and therefore spend most of their time near wooden structures. 

What sets the Florida Woods cockroach apart is its size and appearance. With a larger body, these roaches can measure up to 2 inches in length. They have a dark brown to black exoskeleton, helping them blend seamlessly into their natural habitat among decaying wood and leaves. Apart from their size, they are also known to spread a very foul smell to keep away their predators. 

#9 Asian Cockroach

Asian cockroach

Asian cockroaches are small insects with a tan or dark brown upper body. Due to their color and body size, they are often mistaken for German cockroaches. However, unlike the latter, they can fly and are commonly seen doing so. 

Asian roaches are also more common in southern states, as they are comfortable with warmer temperatures. These cockroaches spend most of their time outside, just like most other species. They are often found in leaf or mulch piles, as they prefer warm, wet areas, and are less likely to nest in homes. 

#10 Surinam Cockroach

Surinam cockroach

The Surinam Cockroach, a dark brown and glossy insect, thrives in tropical regions and often finds its way into outdoor habitats. Its shiny exoskeleton might catch your eye, but these roaches can do significant damage to your property. Living primarily outdoors, they tend to hide in gardens and densely vegetated areas, making them a common sight in tropical climates.

To keep these invaders at bay, maintaining your property is essential. Regular yard upkeep, including trimming overgrown vegetation and removing fallen leaves, can eliminate their hiding spots.

How To Tackle Different Types Of Roaches 

Roaches are a diverse and resilient group of insects that can invade homes and cause significant problems. Identifying the type of roach infesting your home is crucial for effective pest control. Regular cleaning, proper sanitation, and sealing entry points are essential in preventing roach infestations. If the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek professional pest control services for a thorough and lasting solution.

Jamison Pest And Lawn: Your Solution To A Roach Infestation

We hope that this blog post helped you become more aware of how many different types of roaches there are and how to spot an infestation. However if you are stuck and want a more focused solution, look no further than the team at Jamison Pest and Lawn. 

We are pest control experts and have years of experience eliminating roaches from Tennessee homes. Contact us today at (901) 452-1505

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