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Should I Re-treat My Home For Termites?

Posted on July 19, 2022

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Should I Re-treat My Home For Termites?

One of the more common questions we receive from customers is about retreating their homes for termites. Just like the termite treatment itself, this question is not as simple as it seems.

You may think you already know what to do. But if you’re not sure, or if you’ve got some questions about how termite retreatment works, read on!

Why You May Think About Termite Retreatment?

You trust your pest control company to protect your home from termites. You have paid for termite protection, and you expect it to work. When your pest control company tells you that the treatment has worn out or something else needs to be done, you need to know if that is true or not.

Typically this occurs for one of two reasons:

#1 Our customer moves and wants us to pick up the termite contract on the property – which another company has already treated.

Number one… NO! As much as we love to sell a termite contract, our policy has always been to tell folks to stick with the original termite treatment company. Great salespeople, we are NOT! Termiticides last for years in the soil, and most every termite contract contains the same verbiage – so the net result is you spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the same termite warranty you already have. We would say it’s wiser to pick up the existing contract already in place for a new termite warranty and then use the savings to sign up for pest, mosquito, and lawn care service with us (see what I did there?) instead!

#2 A potential new customer is told by their current provider that the product used to treat the house is “used up” or “worn out,” or there is a better way available now.

Number two….. ALSO NO! While every pest control company has a right to run their service department the way they desire but speak for Jamison Pest and Lawn, we see no reason to re-treat termites every 5 or 10 years.

There are products you can use that are inexpensive and will not last long in the soil. Using these would make sense if a company chose to offer a lower initial price, as they may do to cover their liability by applying more every five years.

The other situation this usually involves is a major sales effort on the part of the pest control companies. It’s no secret, and every seminar you attend will tell you the easiest folks to sell to are your current customers. They have already purchased from you…. So these seminar leaders (and some large corporate marketing directors) are the reason you get worn out all the time with more opportunities to purchase!

Termite retreatment

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

The fact is a well-done termite treatment should last years – how many, we can’t say for certain. We can say with certainty that we have at least 20 years of data with the product we use with no slippage in terms of efficacy. Moreover, we can also say we have never told a customer it was time for termite retreatment just to boost sales – I told you we were lousy salespeople!

If you have any other questions or would like to get further information, please feel free to give us a call at (901) 452-1505!

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