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10 Best Lawn Care Companies In Memphis, TN

Posted on January 18, 2024

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10 Best Lawn Care Companies In Memphis, TN

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn is a priority for homeowners and property managers in Memphis, TN, and choosing the right lawn care company is key to achieving this goal. From precise lawn maintenance to specialized services catering to diverse needs, the city boasts a selection of top-tier lawn care companies. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the 10 best lawn care companies in Memphis, TN, renowned for their expertise, dedication to quality, and commitment to ensuring your outdoor space flourishes. Discover the industry leaders who are known for their exceptional services, and trusted by countless satisfied customers in the area.

Jamison Pest and Lawn

To start things off we have the team of Jamison Pest and Lawn. This is one of the best pest and lawn care companies in Memphis, TN.  With 77 years of experience, Jamison Pest and Lawn specializes in a variety of lawn care and maintenance services. Their insect and disease control services for lawns are some of the most trusted in the city. Offering professional lawn aeration services and effective pre-emergent weed control, they ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant. Jamison Pest and Lawn takes pride in its expertise in combating weeds, providing comprehensive solutions to maintain a pest-free and lush lawn for your enjoyment.

Jamison pest and lawn

TruGreen Lawn Care:

TruGreen stands out as a trusted name in tailored lawn care solutions, catering to the distinct needs of your outdoor living space throughout the year. Backed by a team of proficiently trained experts, every service is meticulously executed to ensure optimal results. Emphasizing quality, they offer the TruGreen Guarantee, assuring satisfaction with their services. TruGreen presents a range of plans, such as TruComplete®  and TruHealth®, addressing various lawn care needs comprehensively.

Roper Lawn Care:

Renowned as a premier lawn maintenance company in Memphis, Roper Lawn Care prioritizes client satisfaction above all else, standing behind its commitment with a 100% money-back guarantee. Their services span a wide spectrum, from basic lawn upkeep to bush trimming, leaf removal, mulch services, and even sod installation. Additionally, Roper Lawn Care extends its expertise to landscape and holiday lighting, offering diverse solutions to meet all your lawn and outdoor needs.


For over three decades, Herbi-Systems has been a trusted local lawn care company, serving the Memphis community since 1984. Their commitment to excellence spans a comprehensive range of lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, aeration, insect control, and more, tailored to ensure the health and vitality of your lawn. With a team of certified technicians deeply involved in the local area, Herbi-Systems provides expert care and personalized attention to your lawn’s specific needs. Their longstanding presence and expertise make them a reliable choice for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in Memphis and the neighboring communities.

Green Elite Landscaping & Design:

At Green Elite Landscaping & Design, a veteran-owned company with over a decade of service in Memphis, Tennessee, the maintenance and beauty of your landscape is their mission. Their extensive experience ensures your landscape remains vibrant and pristine through comprehensive maintenance services. From routine lawn care to meticulous irrigation management and seasonal clean-ups, their dedicated team ensures your outdoor space maintains its allure throughout the year. Providing free estimates, Green Elite Landscaping demonstrates its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, offering tailored solutions to elevate and preserve the beauty of your landscape in Memphis.

E&W Lawn Care:

E&W Lawn Care specializes in ensuring your landscape remains a picture of vibrancy and perfection with its comprehensive maintenance services. This lawn care company’s offerings include everything from regular lawn care and precise irrigation management to seasonal clean-ups. Their primary focus is on lawn care, including expert mowing and trimming services. Apart from this, this lawn care provider in Memphis has great customer response and reviews on Google. 

Victory Landscapes Services:

Established in 2013, Victory Landscapes Services is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable landscaping solutions. This is amongst the lawn care companies in Memphis that offer fast same-day estimates. They also boast of full insurance coverage. Their emphasis on efficient communication ensures a seamless client experience. 

The company’s annual maintenance package is meticulously designed to maintain your entire property from January to December. Beyond lawn care, the dedicated team ensures weekly landscape manicuring and monthly site visits by their managers, guaranteeing that your property maintains its pristine appeal throughout the year.

Fairway Lawns:

Fairway Lawns specializes in lawn services that focus on weed control, healthy growth fertilization, and preventative care. Their technicians undergo extensive training sessions for effective lawn care. Using a liquid spray application, they aerate the entire yard for better drainage. They offer services such as pre-emergent weed control, fall overseeding, and fire ant control to ensure your lawn stays healthy and vibrant. Fairway Lawns is committed to providing quality care that enhances the health and appearance of your lawn.

Sanchez Z. Landscaping:

Next on our list of lawn care companies in Memphis is Sanchez Z. Landscaping. This lawn care company is a licensed, family-owned business that delivers top-quality landscaping services in Memphis and surrounding areas. 

Apart from lawn care and maintenance, they also offer other services such as garden design, installation, tree trimming, and removal. 

You can also get irrigation system installation and repair. 

They also offer free estimates for all landscaping services, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free experience for you. With a commitment to quality and backed by a family-oriented approach, Sanchez Z. Landscaping can surely enhance and maintain the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Lawn Enforcement:

Lawn Enforcement specializes in landscape and lawn maintenance for properties of all sizes. They cater to a diverse customer base, including commercial, residential, and large estates. Regardless of the scale of maintenance required, Lawn Enforcement is well-equipped to handle all lawn care needs efficiently and effectively.

End Note

All the companies listed here are not just capable of maintaining your lawn, they can significantly improve it. Though we hope this list provides you with what you need, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own research and select the company that best suits your needs. Remember, quick action is key in lawn care, so it’s important to make a prompt decision for proactive management.

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