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The Most Common Spots for Finding Pests in Homes

Posted on February 20, 2024

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The Most Common Spots for Finding Pests in Homes

Though the majority of pests are very tiny, they can still have a large impact on your daily life the moment they start to invade your home. Whether it’s termites, pesky rodents, mosquitoes, or spiders, all of them have the capability to infest and harm your home. 

As a homeowner living in Tennessee, where various pests are present, you should try your best to keep your homes free from these creatures, but often, efforts may have no effect. We have met many homeowners who are surprised to find pests in their homes despite their best efforts, wondering where they come from! If you have also dealt with something like this before, then you are at the right place.

At Jamison Pest and Lawn, we have years of experience in the pest control industry and have been serving the states of Tennessee and Mississippi for years. Over time, we’ve gotten good at determining the most common spots for finding pests in homes, and where you need to look so that you can take immediate action. 

Where And How Do Pests Enter Your Home? 

Pests can enter homes through various entry points, taking advantage of even the smallest openings. Here are some of the ways in which these pesky creatures gain access to your home:

Cracks and Crevices: 

Most types of pests, such as termites, are very small in size. Due to wear and tear, small cracks can form along your walls and foundation. These areas might not seem that big a deal but they can still act as an entry point for termites, which are only about 1/8th an inch in size. Even ants and mice sometimes enter through these cracks. 

Cracks and crevices

Doors and Windows: 

With the frequent coming and going in your home, and the need for fresh air and ventilation, windows and doors tend to be an easy entry point for pests. Luckily though, you can utilize weatherstripping or caulk to seal gaps between door and window frames to enjoy the weather and fresh air while keeping bugs out. 

Similarly, openings in the garage and attic, such as damaged doors or vents, can provide pests with access to your home. These areas should be inspected regularly and repaired as needed.

Doors and windows

Roof Vents Or Chimneys

Not all pests remain at the ground level. Some of them, such as roof rats, can enter through your roof vents if they are not closed. Your chimney can also act as an entry point for bugs if you do not have screens or adequate coverage.  

Roof vents or chimneys

Utility Lines:

Gaps around utility lines, such as pipes and wires, can allow pests to enter your home. These gaps should be sealed with appropriate materials.

Where Do These Pests Hide In Your Home?

Now that you’re aware of how pests can get into your home, it’s important to learn where they hide. This typically depends on the type of pest you’re dealing with, so by paying attention to where you find them you’ll be able to get the right pest control services in Tennessee


One of the busiest areas of your home can be frequented with pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, and occasionally rodents, all in search of food.  

Here are some areas to check and maintain: 

Cabinets and Pantries: Check for signs of pests, such as droppings or chewed food packaging. This will indicate rodents. 

Sink and Drain: Pests are attracted to moisture, so make sure to keep your sink and drain clean and dry.

Trash Bins: You need to take special care of this area. Keep trash bins tightly sealed and empty them regularly to avoid attracting pests. Consider using a bin with a tight-fitting lid and cleaning the bin and surrounding area regularly to remove any food residue.



Like the kitchen, the bathroom provides pests with moisture, the thing that most insects thrive on. You can find common pests such as cockroaches and drain flies near your bathroom. Take a note of the following:

Sink and Shower Drains: If the water does not pass through the drains easily then this can become a breeding ground for quite a few types of pests. Clean your drains regularly to prevent moisture.

Leaks: Fix any leaks in your bathroom to prevent excess moisture, which can attract pests. If the leaks are small, then you can easily seal them. However, for severe leaks, contact a professional 



Attics, being dark and undisturbed areas, offer the ideal haven for pests to settle in. This is especially relevant in Tennessee, where homes typically do not have basements. These spaces are common spots for rodents, spiders, and even termites due to:

Cracks In The Roof: It’s crucial to seal any cracks or crevices in your attic to block pests from making their way inside from gaps in the roofing structure. Insulation can be a way of doing this.

Stored Items: Pests can easily hide among stored items, so it’s important to inspect these regularly for any signs of infestation.

Your Home’s Exterior

Pests can enter your home from the outside, so it’s important to inspect the exterior of your home to make sure that there are no easy points from where these pesky creatures can enter. For example, these can enter through 

 Look out for the following:

Cracks and Holes In The Siding & Foundation: Damaged siding or foundational issues can be an easy access point for pests such as termites or carpenter ants. Seal any cracks or holes in your home’s exterior to prevent pests from entering.


Garages are often cluttered and, therefore, give pests plenty of spots to hide. Make sure you visit and clean your garage regularly to keep insects or rodents from camping there. Also, check for them in the following areas:

Stored Items: Pests can hide in stored items, so make sure to inspect them regularly. Maintain and organize things you have and throw away cardboard boxes or other items that are not in use. 

Garage Door: Ensure that your garage door closes tightly to prevent pests from entering.

Get The Best Pest Control Service In Tennessee & Mississippi

If you find pests in any of these places in your home or suspect an infestation, don’t delay in calling professional help to get rid of the problem. Luckily, if you live in the states of Tennessee or Mississippi, you can hire the best in pest control by contacting the team at Jamison Pest and Lawn. 

We are a professional pest control company that offers services such as four-season, or one-time pest control treatments to help protect your home. We’ll inspect your home to determine the source of the infestation and act quickly to ensure no infestation happens again.   Contact us today at (901) 452-1505 to learn more about how we can help you!

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