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Are June Bugs Here To Bug You?

Posted on May 12, 2022

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Are June Bugs Here To Bug You?

The bright summer season is just around the corner in Tennessee, but so are the troubling insects. The months of May and June are not only marked by increasing temperatures but also the arrival of June bugs. If you are reading this blog, there are chances that you might be starting to see these bugs arriving and deterring your beautiful home and lawn.

Though most of you have heard the name of these pests, many do not know much about how they look and how they can cause damage to your lawns. But don’t worry, we are there to help you. With the following blog, you will get to know what these are and how you can stay protected from these bugs.

What Are June Bugs?

June bugs are a type of beetle that are most active during the summer months. They are usually an inch longer and, like most beetles, have a reddish color. Although they’re sometimes mistaken for stink bugs, they have different coloring and have a much smaller season.

These can come at you when you are sitting in your backyard, enjoying a beautiful summer evening. These sticky creatures are usually harmless and won’t bite or sting you. However, if you find one in your home or lawn, then it is better to start preparing for how to remove them.

June bugs fly from May through August. They are attracted to lighting at night and often find their way into homes and vehicles.

How Can June Bugs Harm You?

As discussed above, these June bugs do not cause you any harm directly, but these are not good for your backyard/lawns. Note that not adult June bugs are not as harmful as their larvae. Once these bugs lay their eggs.,

Those little creatures can cause all kinds of damage to your lawn, from tearing up the grass and making it difficult for it to recover to causing root damage by burrowing in the soil.

June bug larvae eat grass roots, so they can cause damage to lawns. They are also considered a nuisance because they fly into homes and cars and can be quite noisy.

What Is A Grub?

Once the eggs laid by the adult June bug hatch, it gives rise to white, worm-like larvae. These often give the appearance of a white caterpillar. This larva is called grub. These may be tiny but can wreak havoc on your lawns and without even coming to your notice. Till they turn into a full-formed beetle, which generally requires up to 3 years, these grubs stay underground and start damaging the roots. Also, these are not alone; they are supported by 70-100 more eggs laid by the June bug.

How To Get Rid Of These June Bugs

Getting rid of June bugs can be tricky, but if you’re willing to put in the work, it can be done! Here are some of the tips you can follow.

Trap The June Bugs

You can set up a trap to remove them from your lawn. One method is to set a trap on your lawn. You can use a jar or plastic container with holes in the lid, and fill it with milk or some other attractive liquid. The June bugs will fall into this trap.

Use Nematodes

If you don’t want to use a trap, there are other ways to get rid of June bugs. Nematodes can be classified as a type of microscopic worms that are harmless to humans and pets but deadly to June bugs.

These very tiny worms eat up soil pests (like June bugs) by eating through their bodies and killing them from the inside out. These should be used when the grubs are in action. Just apply them in your garden or around your house with the help of a garden sprayer, and they’ll do all the work for you.

Use Insecticides

One of the most effective ways to kill June bugs is by using insecticides. There are two types of insecticides.

A natural insecticide is a product made from plant-based ingredients. They tend to be less toxic and more environmentally friendly. You can use garlic, oils, and minerals to create your own.

Commercial (In-Market) insecticides are more powerful since they contain chemicals. But be sure that these do not harm your lawn or family members.

Trouble Removing June Bugs? We’ve Got This!

Though the tips given to remove these bugs from your garden are helpful, these require a lot of effort. Also, there are chances that they are not that effective. So if you have a hard time getting rid of these harmful June beetles in the summer season, then you can contact Jamison Pest and Lawn – Tennessee’s best pest and lawn care services provider. We have a combined experience of more than 77 years in this industry. Bugs, mosquitoes, pests, termites, our team has seen and effectively treated them all. Get your backyard back from these creatures and enjoy the summer season. Contact us at (901) 452-1505 to get the process started.

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