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Termite Services

Liquid Treatment

Jamison offers many termite control options, but we have chosen to offer as our recommended treatment program Termidor. ( Termidor is a liquid treatment. Termidor is applied to the foundation area and critical entry areas as prescribed. The product works as a barrier killing the termite as they come in contact with it. There is an additional benefit to using Termidor. The product is slow acting and when the termites come in contact with it, they pick it up and take it back to the colony on their bodies. When these termites come in contact with other termites, they pass it on causing the elimination of a greater number of termites. Don Jamison has participated in the EUP (Experimental Use Permit) and worked with the manufacturer for the purpose of gaining the EPA registration for this outstanding product.


The other primary treatment option is baiting. The goal of a baiting program is to attract termites to bait stations placed around the foundation of the home or building and monitor them until the termites find the wooden bait material inside. At that point, the wooded bait material is switched to a specially prepared wood product containing a material that changes how the termites grow and develop. The ultimate goal is to feed the colony enough material so that the entire colony will die or the elimination of the colony is achieved. There has been extensive research surrounding the use of baiting and Jamison has broad experience with baiting.

Other types of treatment options are available. They each have their benefits and drawbacks. It is our opinion that Termidor offers a more effective control option for our customers as well as being an economical option. If you would like to compare treatment options or have questions for your home, please ask one of our Jamison representatives to review each option with you. Jamison Pest and Lawn is trained and experienced in all options available to our industry.

New Construction Treatment

For years, builders have turned to Jamison Pest and Lawn for the best and most reliable in pre-treatment or new construction treatments in the Memphis marketplace. This treatment is completed during construction of the business or home when the final grade has been established, and just prior to the pouring of the concrete for the slab.

Our builders love us because we have 6 vehicles with the ability to be in immediate contact with the office. We never make them wait!

Our program is a complete treatment that includes the follow-up treatment once the final grade has been established. We will provide all the paperwork necessary for closing as well as the damage protection warranty for the new homeowner to pick up upon completion of the treatment.

Homeowners love us because they know they can count on a quality treatment and protection for years to come!

If you are building your own home there are several things to be aware of! Call us for more information!

Warranty Program

In addition to protecting your home from termites, one of the main components of a termite protection service is a damage protection warranty.

This warranty provides for repairs needed due to ongoing damage from termites after treatment has been performed. There is no deductible on this warranty. Since each home is different, it is critical to first have a thorough inspection to assess the home's construction type and and assess the absence or presence of termites to determine the warranty options.


Our program consists of not only a warranty but also a thorough inspection each year, as well as a written report notifying you of any activity or conditions conducive to infestation.


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