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About Termites

Termites can get into any structure, including your home!

Brick, wood, block, slab, or crawl space, it doesn’t matter how your home is built, termites don’t discriminate! Termites can get trough a crack as small as 1/64th of an inch and do more monetary damage in the United States than all the fires, wind storms, and hurricanes combined! Termites are highly social insects and live in colonies where populations can reach more than one million. Imagine the damage they can do to your home!

With a foundation of personal attention, not a one-size-fits-all approach, we will tailor a solution to your lawn, pest, and termite control goals.

Memphis is situated in an area of the US that is listed as “dense” when describing the level of termite infestation we experience, which meanstermites are a real threat for homeowners in the Memphis and Mid-South area.

Every homeowner should remember that termites are usually never seen until the damage has been done to their home. See FAQ. Termites are by nature “cryptic.” That is why termites have been called the “silent invaders.” In fact, you may be looking at termite damage and NOT even know it!

If you will call our office, we will be happy to come out and make a FREE inspection and visit with you about the situation, explain termites & how they work, explain any needed treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

Why wonder if you have termites when a Free Inspection of your home will help you to understand what is needed for your home!

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